⭐️Star in the East 🎄Southern Harmony 🎶🎵Christmas Carol [Piano 🎹Tutorial + 🎼Sheet music]


⭐️ Star in the East Also Known as “Brightest and Best” is an old southern 🎄Christmas/Epiphany carol. The 🎼sheet music 🎶🎵 has complete lyrics if you would like to sing it.

Try the interactive tutorial, or download the 🎼sheet music here: https://musescore.com/user/89988/scores/5874944/piano-tutorial?from=youtube_share

Traditional Christmas carol from Southern Harmony. Meant to be sung a capella, but can be used as a beginner piano piece too. Great introduction to the Aeolian mode to differentiate it from the Dorian.

[Piano🎹 Tutorial + Sheet music🎼]

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