Tyranid 'Mantis' Tutorial- NPS Method

And now the final example of the NPS method demonstrated in this video:

Stay tuned for more hobby content, both Tyranid and non-Tyranid- while the Tyranid paint scheme series is at an end, I’ve got plenty more content planned.

Feel free to leave a comment if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see!

Total paints needed:
-White Primer (I use Badger Stynylrez)
-White (I use VMC Cold White)
-Black (I use VMC Black)
-VMC Lime Green
-VMC Brown Rose
-Army Painter Strong Tone
-Army Painter Red Tone
-Army Painter Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium
-Varnish (I use AK Interactive Ultra Matte)

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