Kylo Ren Action Figure Painting Tutorial #13 – How To Paint 1/6 Star Wars

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Hello again everyone!! 😁 Welcome to part 13 of the FULL Kylo Ren custom painting tutorial series!! (previously a Patreon Exclusive)

This is a series of 17 full length videos where I will paint a blank Kylo Ren resin head until it looks wonderfully realistic and *just* like Adam Driver.

Every minute of the journey I’ll be explaining to you why I do things a certain way, how, what techniques I use, how you can use them to better your painting, and generally letting you watch me paint in absolute real time. No edits. Every tiny meticulous piece of detail.

This is the first time I used Vallejo paints (I switched so my tutorial viewers could more easily paint along with me) and so not only will you get to watch my techniques for painting a head, but you’ll get to watch me try to figure out how to use brand new colours and paints for the first time. Should be interesting!!

These videos will be going up 5pm every Monday (that’s UK time…. or 9am PDT, 12pm EDT in the US)

I hope you enjoy the series, and don’t forget I’ll be here at those times for a live chat so you can ask me any questions you may have about what you’re watching!!

Take care!!

Darren ❤️

PS – for those wishing to paint along with me, here is a link to all the brushes, paints and studio tech gear that I use every day. There’s one for the UK/Europe and one for the US, depending on where you are.

(and if you buy them from this link Amazon throws a few pennies at me which helps me carry on painting for a living!)

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