Using MirageJS to mock a backend API in Vue

In this video, we’re going to walk through the first 15 videos in this series (the ones before we switched over to Nuxt) and create the mock API that we need at each step.

Our primary goal is to make it easier to follow along with my videos even if you don’t want to build your own backend. But if you just want to learn Mirage and don’t care about the project, then this will still work for you — you don’t need to know all the stuff we’re doing in the Vue app in order to learn the Mirage API from this.

0:00 Start
2:45 Why Mirage?
7:18 Our First Mirage Endpoint
13:28 JSONAPI: Models, Serializers, and Shorthands
15:48 JSONAPI Relationships
18:09 Put, Post, and Delete
20:29 Authentication
24:27 Finishing Up
29:51 Conclusion

The “Building a VueJS Screencasting App From Scratch” Playlist:

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