Tutorial – How to create a scrolling music "player" on your live stream.

What we are building today isn’t actually a music player. That is why “player” has quotes around it. What we are building is a graphic that will serve as a banner with streaming text that will allow you to share different tracks you are listening to through various media players during your live stream. This is important because viewers like to see if the song they requested has been played or they might hear a song they like, taking note of the artist or title. We will use music buddy to create a text file on our desktop that we can then port into StreamLabs or any OBS software. We will then apply a filter to the text so that it scrolls. MusicBuddy will automatically write all of the song titles into the saved text file on our desktop as different tracks are selected.

For more information check out my blog post for this tutorial at https://lizzylynnlive.blogspot.com/2019/11/music-player-tutorial.html

Post Author: hatefull