How to Make a Website Using WordPress – 2020

How to Make a Website Using WordPress – 2020

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In this step by step website tutorial I cover how to make a website using WordPress. Below are each of the steps with timestamps.

1) Intro and Overview [0:01]
2) Costs Overview [0:39]
3) Getting our Domain and Hosting [2:04]
4) Installing WordPress [4:16]
5) Setting up SSL [6:55]
6) Logging into the Dashboard [7:23]
7) Cleaning up our Dashboard Area [8:08]
8) Installing our Theme and Builder [13:11]
9) Setting up our Menu [16:05]
10) Making Changes with the Customizer [19:20]
11) Installing 2 Plugins [23:47]
12) Getting Familiar with Elementor [26:08]
13) Editing the Homepage [30:17]
14) Getting and Adding Images [32:32]
15) Editing the Tours Page [38:24]
16) Editing the Gallery Page [47:00]
17) Adding a Video [51:40]
18) Editing the Contact Page and Form [54:14]
19) Brief Overview of the Yoast SEO Plugin [56:55]
20) Creating and Adding a Logo [59:29]
21) Final Summary and Thank you [1:02:10]

Although there are timestamps for each of the sections above, I thought it would be a good to have an overview of the key steps in the website creation process here as well.

Step 1: Getting our free domain name and hosting

This is the first big step to setting up a website. The domain name is what people will need to search for in order to find us online, and hosting is what keeps our website live and on the internet for others to see. In this step I walk step by step through signing up for a hosting plan and a domain name.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress on our domain name is the next major step that l cover. WordPress is the most popular content management system is the world when it comes to websites. There are more websites made with WordPress than any other platform by far. This means it’s easier to get help and find information about specific problems or design questions online with WordPress than any other platform as so many people are using it. In this step I install WordPress and show you how to login to your dashboard as well.

Step 3: Getting and installing our theme

In this step I go over details about the free theme and builder that we’ll be using to make a website in an hour. It’s always a good idea to choose a reputable theme that is used by many and has a dedicated team working to support it. That’s the case with this theme as it is one of the most popular themes in the world. The builder is also one of the most popular in the world as well. Here we install both the free theme and builder in just a matter of minutes!

Step 4: Editing the website content

This step is made up of many small steps in one. In reality, the entire second half of this how to make a website tutorial is dedicated to showing you how to edit various types of content within the various pages of your site. I go over some simple tips that I hope makes the tutorial beginner friendly, and easy to follow along with. My goal was to show you how to change various elements in order to be able to create a beautiful website on your own with ease.

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