Flutter Create Youtube API and Video Player tutorial | Scratch-2 | Flutter Series 2019

Guys, these Animated Youtube API linking Android and IOS App tutorials are creating using the #Youtube_API_creating for learning and seeking education, therefore, I’ve not uploaded the code so that you can practice as video follow. thanx for watching any further questions you can ask in comments.

Be sure to ask for help in the comments if you need any help. Suggestions for future #Flutter tutorials are also very welcome! ­čśÇ

Flutter is an SDK owned by Google to create applications for #AndroidandIOS using a single codebase. Flutter uses the Dart programming language (also owned by Google). Flutter was in alpha when I released this video, so things might still change a bit. But the SDK is already mature enough to write some cool apps!

Installation of Android Studio 3.5.1 version: https://youtu.be/CriUvQUudz8

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