Fantasy Grounds, MoreCore and Rifts/Palladium

Using Fantasy Grounds and the MoreCore Ruleset to GM a Rifts/Palladium Game.

Fantasy grounds is an online platform where you can play various games over the internet with other people, either as a GM or player. For many years I have been looking for a Rifts ruleset to be created in Fantasy Grounds. I haven’t found one yet, however, the MoreCore ruleset by “Damned” (it’s his name, not a curse) comes pretty close. I am going to be over the various settings in the MoreCore ruleset and the most recent extension to show what options we have and what limitations we still have.

MoreCore Ruleset:
MoreCore Extension (with Classes, AC Calc and hardwired Classes:
MoreCore Extension (with Class types but without AC fields and hardwired Classes) see bottom of page:

Link to my author webpage:

Tutorial timeline:
0:45 How to add ruleset and extension
2:39 MoreCore without extension
3:00 More extension Base with Classes, AC and front panel
4:55 Demonstration of base classes, AC +front panel
6:09 Extension with Class database, AC + front panel
6:18 Combat Panel explained
7:29 Attack and Hit Panel
10:35 Combat Tracker introduction
11:31 Attributes/Stats, Ability Scores
16:20 Saving Throws
19:50 Skills
23:31 Tables information type
24:12 Rolls information type
29:37 Languages/Options/Gold
31:08 Spells and Spellpoint tracking/decrementing spellpoints
35:20 Psionics
38:03 Classes and Race Panel
41:40 Exporting data to a Module
42:35 Alternatives to Classes type (Notes and Story)
45:10 Story + Notes + Image Panel
47:06 Battlemaps + Combat tracker
50:49 “Main” tab for recording Class/HP/MDC/SDC
52:06 Abilities tab
53:41 Inventory
54:37 Part Sheet, Marching Order, Giving Loot, Giving XP
56:29 Effects (Status Effects) and the Combat Tracker (again)
58:32 Notes tab and Languages revisited
1:01:20 Portraits

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