Dark photography Preset | dark photography tone lightroom tutorial | free preset download xmp & dng

Sorry yang tadi saya hapus, video bermasalah content id maklum masih pemula belum tau banyak ttg yt 😅

dark photography outdoor tone tutorial lightroom.

Preset 2 ektensi. Jika kalian terbiasa menggunakan xmp jadi download yg xmp, jika terbiasa dengan file dng ya gunakan yg dng.
► This File is protected by a password.
► Password consists of four (numbers)
► PASSWORD is Posted on the video (it will pop up on the upper right corner of your screen).
► Don’t skip videos so you can find a password.
► Use your youtube application instead of browser (mobile user)

“Don’t save this video offline, you can’t find the password when you watch the video offline”

↪️Contoh kata sandi muncul di dalam video.
👆Examples password appear in the video.
► DNG/XMP (Dropbox)

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Credit Pic : kawan-kawan subscriber (https://photos.app.goo.gl/QVprrqtrdWfmwEu86)

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