Real time study with me (with music, rain sounds, pomodoro session with break)

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giveaway info below and at the end of the video! I hope you enjoy this study with me; I study in real time and added music and rain sounds! I act as your study buddy and help you be productive using the pomodoro technique! I use the pomodoro method, so it’s a pomodoro session study with me with a break! You can use this as a “study timer” and replay this video when you want to start the pomodoro study sessions again. If you want me to make more study with me’s, like a 2 hour study with me with no music or background noise just let me know! I hope this video acts as some study motivation and helps you get productive with me and do some productive exam revision / studying!

About me:
If you’re new, hi, my name’s Estella! I post weekly videos and make stationery and study tips videos based on my own experiences in college, high school, etc. and your suggestions. If you ever have any video suggestions leave them in the comments! If you have any questions or comments leave them below and I’ll respond!

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tik tok: @studytosuccess
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What you’ll win:
A pack of 6 stabile boss mini highlighters.

The giveaway is international and will close on Dec 15. Winner will be announced on my instagram and YT channel on Dec 16!

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Lakey Inspired

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