Introduction to Python Tutorial Basics (Part 1) | Applied Data Science | CodeWrestling (2019)

you can check out this google collab link where the whole code of python which is included in the video is covered

This introduction to Python tutorial basics of python which will kickstart your learning of Python for data science, as well as python programming in general. This beginner-friendly Python course for beginners will series in python for data science will take you from zero in python pr to programming in Python
Upon completion of this Introduction to python tutorial in datascience, you’ll be able to write your own Basic and advance Python scripts and perform basic and advance hands-on data analysis using google collab lab environment.

Recognize the meaning of the term “Data Science”

Develop basic Python programs using strings, functions, lists, dictionaries, date/time features, and files
Use advanced Python features, including lambdas, list comprehensions and the numpy library Python Basics

Python Types
Expressions and Variables
String Operations

Python Data Structures
Lists and Tuples

Python Programming Fundamentals
Conditions and Branching

Working with Data in Python
Reading files with open
Writing files with open

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