How to play 'Champion Of The World' – Coldplay | Guitar Tutorial

》’Champion Of The World’ Guitar Tutorial | Coldplay Guitar Lesson
》[Chords + Strumming Pattern + Full Playthrough]
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Welcome to this in-depth Guitar Tutorial for ‘Champion Of The World’ by Coldplay!

This song is super simple, despite it’s anthemic quality. Using only 4 relatively simple open chords throughout that should be pretty familiar even if you’re a complete beginners.

In this lesson I’ll teach you:

1. The 4 easy chords used to play the entire song.
2. The chord progression and song structure.
3. The strumming pattern used throughout.

This is a great song for getting used to right-hand technique and playing strumming patterns, and really makes the most of a relatively easy strumming pattern throughout.

At the end of the video I’ll take you through a quick playthrough of all sections.

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See you next time!

– Rhys (your Bitesize Guitar teacher)

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