How To Make $100 Per Day With Gotzha Using Instagram Free Traffic[Affiliate Marketing For Beginners]

Would you like to know how to make $100 per day with Gotzha affiliate network and Instagram free traffic? Follow along in this CPA marketing for beginners tutorial as I will show you how you can make $100 per day promoting CPA offers from Gotzha affiliate network while leveraging Instagram free traffic.

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To start off this affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial I will tell you a few things about Gotzha affiliate network. Gotzha affiliate network is one of the best CPA networks for beginners, is not very hard to get approved, they have weekly payments, and very good customer service. You will get a lot of help from your affiliate managers, and this is very important especially for a CPA marketing beginner. Gotzha affiliate network is what we will use in this affiliate marketing tutorial to find the CPA offer we want to promote using Instagram free traffic. After choosing the CPA offer that you want to promote, you will need to find a way to get your affiliate link out there and take advantage of the huge reach that Instagram free traffic has.

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We do recommend that you do not use the old marketing methods of spamming people with your affiliate link and direct messaging them. So what you can do is use your affiliate blog and create a blog post around that offer. Instagram will allow you to add links in all your posts if you have more than 10K followers, however if you have less then you can make an eye-catching description in your bio and add the link of your website or your affiliate blog. Then you just have to add daily and relevant content to the offers you are promoting so you can have the right kind of traffic going towards your affiliate blog. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial, and start making money online with Gotzha affiliate network and Instagram free traffic. If you want to see more videos like this on how to start making passive income online with CPA marketing make sure to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel.

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