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It’s always the same problem. You and your client need an important document but neither of you can find it.

Both of you are then forced to rummage through email, Slack, and even USB drives (is this is even mine? What year is it?).

These annoying, time-consuming episodes can be avoided if you keep useful info and docs in an easily accessible place for you and only those you deem worthy.

Meet Clinked.

Sharing is caring when it comes to information (unless it’s potty training updates from new parents on Facebook).

Clinked makes it easy to share conversations, activities, documents, tasks, and events with coworkers and clients in a centralized and secure location.

Within the cloud-based Clinked portal, you can send and upload files of any size, start discussions and group chats, set to-do lists and deadlines, add to the group calendar, and so much more.

File sharing is a breeze with Clinked’s massive storage capacity — upload training manuals, presentations, and contact lists (and the office March Madness bracket).

You can even set control access permissions for individual users (sorry, Greg, you shall not pass) and preview documents before you download.

Clinked also lets you create and customize individual workspaces for unique clients and projects, so you can collaborate in real-time.

Managing projects is more intuitive than ever with group notes, activity streams, and in-depth audit trails.

Clinked’s event calendars even sync with other calendar tools like Google and Outlook, so there’s no excuse to ever miss a meeting.

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