Welcome to Part 3 of our Tinder app clone using Ruby on Rails 6.

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In this web app tutorial we will add the ability to open a conversation window once a matched user’s profile picture is clicked. We will add conversations and messaedisplay a list of matches for users that we like and those that like us back. We’ll also add a sidebar with a profile bar showing our profile image and a list of matches profiles on the left with the main Tinder browse features on the right.

We are using Active Storage to manage profile image uploads to Amazon S3 in production and local storage for the development environment.

If you want to purchase the code to use on your own project, it is available for sale on my website. I share walk through build videos on YouTube and sell a more completed version of some of my app builds to use as a starter for new businesses. We have web app clones for Instagram, Craigslist and a Real Estate Platform already:

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This walkthrough uses Ruby on Rails 6. Rails is great for building web apps really quickly. In this tutorial we will cover the basics of conversation between users.

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