♡ How To Use Photoshop Tutorial ♡ Photoshop CC 2020 ♡

♡ Hello Loves ♡

I’ve been asked a few times how to use photoshop and that other tutorials aren’t very simple. I hope I have made this simple enough. If my photoshop looks different, I did recently upgrade in the Black Friday sale meaning I’m now using PS 2020 edition.

I hope I have explained this clearly and if there are any problems, just let me know either here by commenting or by messaging me on the links below.

♡ Much Love ♡
Hannah-Skye, xo.

https://roleplayer.me/xmakeawish ( RP resource page )
https://x-sweetener.tumblr.com ( tumblr )
https://x-sweetener.deviantart.com ( DA )
https://discord.gg/NUspPMw ( photoshop/RP related discord )

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