ECE2017 | Developing e4 application with e(fx)clipse [Tutorial] (1/2)

In this tutorial we’ll use components provided by e(fx)clipse to develop an e4 application on top of JavaFX.

Things you’ll learn in the tutorial:

Get started with with Eclipse 4 on JavaFX
What’s the difference between Eclipse 4 on SWT and Eclipse 4 on JavaFX
Use advanced features like Animation, Real and Fullblown Theming support and much more

But this tutorial is not just for those who want to learn about Eclipse 4 on JavaFX because we’ll tackle things generally import to develop professional e4 applications:

We’ll learn about MVVM
We’ll show you how to structure your application code so that your business code is free of Eclipse Framework dependencies (I’m look at you IEclipseContext!)
Make you Event-System a bit more typesafe and much more!

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of Eclipse 4.

Thomas Schindl (BestSolution)

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