ABM 1 Personal Development

Personal Development is a fundamental understanding in any healing modality as it is the transference of the practitioner’s level of development that allows for healing at that level. We cannot treat what we have not yet integrated in ourselves.

First of all apologies for the slide presentation. Somehow I had my second screen sharing so you will see the ‘back end’ of the powerpoint.

This video looks from a premise that we are all born with essence, a pure uncluttered self. Due to circumstances, initially in the desire and intention of the parents to have a child, followed by the life experiences of the mother during pregnancy, and then finally, the environmental conditions in which a child grows for the first one to two years of their life.

As practitioners, we first of all need to be aware of ‘essence’, then how this essence gets covered. Once this is known we can begin to notice the instinctual triggers to present time events as automatic reactivity, then, slowly but surely we move towards awakening the adult part of ourselves to develop a ‘responsive felxibility to present life events

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