Garbage In, Garbage Out – Mastery In, Mastery Out


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Garbage In, Garbage Out – Mastery In, Mastery Out

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See a lot of us think that our well-being and personal development is our priority. But is it actually?

Today I want to tell you that at least for most of the population it isn’t. Most of the population get garbage in, and then garbage out, sadly.

In engineering there’s a saying that input equals output.

Now this is ok if you don’t have any bigger goals in life, but if you want to be the best version that you can be, here’s what you need to do. Here are the success ingredients that you need.

The first step is always awareness, so today you’ll know where your priorities truly are, based on these 3 unconventional questions that follow. These 3 questions will display you the ingredients of success.

If f you can just give me 5 minutes I guarantee you that this concept will transform your life. Are you ready? Let’s hit it.

You can find out where your priorities are by analyzing your expenditures.

1. Where do you spend your money?

Let’s take a look at an excel sheet of truth and justice.
This is the customer expenditure survey from 2018. So this is self reported and median data. It’s likely that the data is in actuality a little bit worse.

If you participate in a survey that will be published, you will likely want to be seen from the best way possible.

So, where are the priorities of these people: Safety, entertainment and fun.
Very few people spend significant amount of education and self development.

While money is a resource that can be replenished over time, we have one universal resource that can’t. Time.

2. How do you use your time?

This massively shows where your priorities are.
And this is how the average American spends his time over the week:

3.5 hours of actual working
2.8 hours of TV watching a day.
9 hours of sleeping
1 hour of playing video games
38 minutes of socializing
10 minutes or less of reading

So what are the priorities of that average person? Immediate gratification and fun.

Which is cool if you want to have your life to mean that way, but it’s not cool if you have bigger goals.

The best thing you can do right now for your future self, is replacing your TV with a library full of great non-fiction books.

3. What do you put in your body?

Our digestive system poses the biggest contact that we have with our environment.

Totally our digestive system is 20 times the size of our skin. Most of us put sunscreen on when we go out on a sunny day, yet we feed our body with absolute crap.

The body is the place that we all need to live in, yet 2/3 of us are overweight and 1/3 of us are obese.

The human colon has been considered the most biodense ecosystem in the world, meaning there’s more life concentrated in our colons than anywhere else on Earth. The preferred food of our gut bacteria friends is fiber, yet most of us only eat 50% of that recommended amount.

Our eating behaviours are making us inflamed and decrease our ability to think and produce. Literally garbage in, garbage out.

Conclusion – Garbage In, Garbage Out – Mastery In, Mastery Out

Okay guys, these were the 3 things you can realize hwo your priorities truly are. Ask yourself: Where do I spend my money? How do I spend my time? What do I put in my body?

See, I thought a couple years ago that I ha the best priorities, yet somehow didn’t see the results. The reality was, that what I thought were my priorities actually truly weren’t.

Make sure your priorities and your goals are actually your goals. Otherwise garbage in equals garbage out.
Okay guys, until next time!

Thank you for your time and thank you for your trust. I hope you have a great day. 🙂

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