Amadeus Wolfgeist (Phase_1) – Luigi's Mansion 3 [Piano Tutorial + Sheet music]

Try the interactive tutorial, or download the sheet music here:
Spooky Spooky Scary Piano Music

YO! Somewhere along the line I somehow reached 200 followers. Thanks Guys!
I apologize for not being very active recently. It’ll probably be like that for a while cause We like money heh. Y’all have a good day now ya hear?
Anybody have any good things to say about LM3? I actually really like it. Oh, and don’t ask me how to play this…I have absolutely no clue. Also! I kind of let my friend try Musescore out on my computer the other day and he uploaded a score that consisted of nothing…if you were one of the lucky few that saw that…Disregard it please heheh
[Piano Tutorial + Sheet music]

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