Building Your Own Web-Socket Protocol; Working with CORS & window.postMessage – Chicago Javascript

Title: Getting Started with Vue – An Overview and Walkthrough Tutorial

Description: A straightforward and concise introduction for those who’d like to learn Vue.js, along the lines of this article:

It would go over setting up Vue, the anatomy of a Vue file, and how to work with data, methods and events in vue. It’s meant to be an introduction for people who have only ever used vanilla JS or jQuery and need to see something small being built to get an idea of how Vue.js works.

Speaker: Tania Rascia.

Bio: I’m a former chef who changed careers into web development in 2015. I’ve worked as a designer/developer, backend PHP developer, and currently as a front end developer working primarily with React. I also write guides and tutorials on web development on my own site and others such as DigitalOcean, Envato Tuts+, etc.


Title: HTTP/2 PUSH and NDJSON Streaming

Time: 15 minutes

Description: We’re at the dawn of a new golden age of web development, with technologies like streams, fetch, HTTP/2 Push, and NDJSON waiting to be used to make web experiences better. I’ll cover the basics of these techniques. More information can be found here:

Learn how HTTP/2 PUSH works and Streaming with fetch.

Speaker: Justin Meyer is a contributor to CanJS (a web app framework), StealJS (a module loader) and DoneJS (a kitchen sink). He’s also the CEO of Bitovi (a web consultancy). As a writer of autobiographical blurbs, he knows to use his two children, love of history books, and hobbies like running to make him appear more human. But is he really …

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