WooCommerce Credit Card Checkout Tutorial with Stripe (Easy, Fast Tutorial!)

In this WooCommerce Credit Card Checkout Tutorial, you’ll learn how to add a Stripe account to your WordPress store. Your customers can then pay with credit card!


hey how’s it goin Alex here from ideas
but today we’ve got a stripe tutorial
that will let your customers pay by
credit card on your WooCommerce online
store if you didn’t have an online store
you can get one from Astra user
ecommerce starter site a free one like
print or maybe brand store lots to
choose from there the plugins you’ll
need for this the WooCommerce stripe
gateway and WooCommerce but these will
be automatically installed if you’re
using one of the starter sites but
settings are under WooCommerce settings
payments and stripe so go ahead and
click that and it will take you to your
stripe settings you’ll need to find your
Live publishable key and your secret key
that is in your stripe account so you’ll
need to log into your stripe account or
you’ll need to sign up for a stripe
account if you don’t already have a
stripe account but it’s fairly simple
just spit out some basic details and get
your stripe account and once you’ve
logged in you’ll need to activate the
account by putting in a bit more detail
about your business like the business
description a bit about your address and
your name phone number date of birth
you’ll need some banking details so you
can get paid into your bank account and
message or Google authentication once
your account is active you can go ahead
and find your API keys you’ll just want
those two keys copy them and paste them
into WooCommerce so you can just follow
the link from the I’m stripe settings
and it’ll take you straight to the API
key section and ulis copy those two keys
paste them into the relevant boxes there
I like to change the title and
description to remove the stripe and
branding on this page as well make sure
you add a good statement descriptor
there for your customers I like to
undertake that payment request button
and you can leave those default and then
basically Save Changes and that’s all
you need then you will have this nice
credit card option on your checkout
so your customers can pay with their
credit cards so I hope you make a lot of
money and get lots of orders on your
online store if that’s been helpful like
and subscribe I’ll see you next time!

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