Part 8 || Docker in Practice – Developing with Docker | Kubernetes Beginner Tutorial

Once you’ve learnt the basic concepts, it’s important to see how Docker is actually used in practice or in real world development so to say.

With “Docker in Practice” I want to show you exactly this – the whole workflow with Docker:
– Development (JavaScript App with Docker Container MongoDB, MongoExpress)
– Continuous delivery
– Deployment

You can check out my videos for the Pre-Requisites:
✅Basic Docker Concepts:
✅Basic Commands:

For any questions/issues/feedback, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also please let me know what you want to learn about Docker & Kubernetes.

This video is the 8th of a complete series for beginners. At the end of this tutorial you will fully understand Docker and Kubernetes.

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The complete step-by-step guide to Docker and Kubernetes will include the following topics:

🐳 DOCKER basics:
– Container concept
– Why docker? (image vs. traditional DevOps)
– Install docker on different operating systems
– 8 basic commands you need to know (2 parts)
– Docker vs. Virtual Machine
– Docker in Practice: Overview of whole development process with Docker (development, continuous delivery, deployment) Probably 3-5 videos including Private Repository, Dockerfile, Docker-Compose.

✵ KUBERNETES basics:
– Why Kubernetes? What is Kubernetes?
I will show you some of the problems when running and managing multiple containers.
– Basic concepts
– Install Minikube locally
– Creating a pod, CLI for k8s – kubectl
– Communication between 2 pods (concept of service, static IP address)
– Create a deployment and service directly from a config file
– Tips for debugging

KUBERNETES advanced:
– Create a cluster in AWS
– Concept of master and worker nodes


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