Image into Interactive Particles – HTML Canvas Animation Tutorial | Advanced Pure Vanilla JavaScript

In today’s HTML canvas animation tutorial we will turn image into interactive particles using some advanced pure vanilla JavaScript techniques. Do you like pixel art? I will show you how to use drawImage and getImageData methods (that are available on HTML canvas 2D API) to extract pixel information from any image and redraw it with JavaScript. Once we have the particle data we can animate it in any way we want, only limit is your imagination and creativity.

If you liked this video I’m sure you will enjoy other videos on my channel. You can find HTML Canvas Animation Tutorials, JavaScript tutorials, animated effects and step by step animation guides, each video shows many examples of the final effect. I will help you learn modern web development techniques by building real projects you can show off on your personal website or GitHub. Code along with me and gain skills to get your first job in the industry. If I could do it you can do it too. If you decide to code along and modify the effects, share your Codepen/JS Fiddle in the comments, I want to see what you came up with.

I have pure vanilla JavaScript animation series, in each tutorial we create all different kinds of interactive animated effects from scratch. No plugins, no libraries, no frameworks. Every line of code is explained to give you hands on experience and teach you as much JavaScript as possible. If you want more creative JavaScript tutorials, HTML canvas animations, interactive animated effects, code alongs, video guides for beginners as well as advanced pure vanilla JavaScript, check out the previous episodes here:
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My name is Frank, I’m a self-taught Front End Web Developer. I learned everything I know in my free time and I used the knowledge to get a great job in web development industry. The part I enjoy the most is building creative animations and interactive effects for the web using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thank you for watching my video.

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You can find base 64 code of the image here (it is not fully functional demo of this effect, I just dropped few lines of code there so you can copy the image code):
** just copy the code from line 9 to your project (png.src = “…)

*** Image into Interactive Particles – HTML Canvas Animation Tutorial | Advanced Pure Vanilla JavaScript ***

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