Dropshipping: Reviewing Subscribers Stores (SHOCKING Mistakes 🤦)

Today I decided to review some of my subscribers Shopify dropshipping stores… and what I found wasn’t too pretty.

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The mistakes I found were extremely common and the reason why so many fail with eCommerce and Shopify…

If you can fix the mistakes I mentioned in this video on your store, you will be THAT much ahead of your competition placing yourself at the maximum odds of success.

The MOST common #1 mistake that I found was that people were trying to sell a ton of random different products on their stores…

Nobody is going to buy an unbranded product from your ‘general store’…

How do you think Apple built its empire of cell phones and physical products? It’s due to the power of the BRAND. The Apple brand is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

If you want to build a successful 6-7 figure Shopify eCommerce store that is actually successful, extremely profitable and goes on to expand around the world – you MUST brand your store and products.

At the beginning, focus on selling only 1 or 2 products that meet the following criteria:

1) WOW factor (have to be attention-grabbing so that you can have high performing ads)
2) New innovations
3) Solve a problem for a particular niche
4) Strong branding (if not on the product then at least on the website itself)

One amazing way to add branding when you’re just in the beginning stages of your Shopify journey is to order 100-200 product inserts and have a product insert designed with your logo, brand name on it and some text thanking your customers for their order and asking for a review.


I will respond to every single comment on this video, so feel free to ask me any questions that you have with Shopify, running ads, setting up your store, picking products – I’m here to help!

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