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In this video Gerard goes over a complete Police Officer themed workout. The tutorial is broken down into three different sections including criminal chasing, academy training, and coffee breaks.

► 0:49 Criminal Chasing Workout (Gym Workout) – The Dead Treadmill, Inclide Treadmill Sprints and Jump Squats and Jumping Lunges
► 3:18 Police Academy Training Workout (Gym or Home Workout) – Pushups, Plank Ups, Plank Taps and Pullups
► 5:12 Coffee Breaks Workout (Gym or Home Workout) – Coffee Concentration Curls, Dumbell Kickback, Toe Crunches and V-Crunches

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In Gerard’s book “From Hedonism to Spirituality” he shares a personal experience of a life changing event which lead him toward creating fitness theatrics. Outside of fitness and comedy Gerard values spirituality, personal development, and following a purpose in life which is the core of his book.

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Equipment used in this video

► Canon Rebel T 5: https://amzn.to/2NekGnP

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A Police Officer Workout is

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