Healing Godot 2d Tutorial | The Combat Series #8

In this beginner tutorial for Godot, you will learn how to make a heal skill that can be used by both the player and the enemy.

00:54 Setting Up the Scene
02:02 Skill-Trigger and Skill Database Entry
04:36 Coding the Healing Skill
07:01 Adding the Heal Function to Both Player and Enemy
10:26 Adding Logic to the Enemy
15:08 Adding ‘Human’ Reaction Time to the Enemy
17:48 Turning the Capability to Heal Off on Death

Every combat system should have a healing skill to keep the player in the fight. Sometimes we may want to give our enemies some logic to ensure they can use the healing skill too. In this tutorial, we will do all of it! We create a healing skill, we make sure the player can use it, and we program some Godot enemy logic so our enemy can use the healing skill too. If you want to learn how to program healing in Godot, this is the tutorial for you!

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