swift Pilot Client Tutorial | Setup and use swift for Tower View

This Tutorial will explain you how to setup and use Tower View. You can connect swift through a proxy-connection to Euroscope and see all the planes at your airport. It is very easy to configure and a lot of fun to use if you do Ground or Tower control.

Done on Windows 10 with X-Plane 11.

=== swift Landing Page (bookmark it!): https://dev.swift-project.org/ ===

* Tower View configuration guide: https://dev.swift-project.org/w/help/spc/towerview/
* X-Plane follow aircraft view: https://dev.swift-project.org/w/help/spc/flightwithswift/xplanefollow/

* Top 4 Issues with swift + X-Plane: https://dev.swift-project.org/phame/post/view/10/top_4_swift_and_xplane_topics/

==== swift Discord contact: https://dev.swift-project.org/w/contact/ ===

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