Python Tutorial for Beginners : Dictionary in Python | Dictionary Part -2

These videos are the part of Python Tutorial for Beginners Series : Python Dictionaries | Dictionary in Python. This series of python tutorial by CodroidHub is for everyone who wants to learn Basics of Python.
In this video we will see more about the python dictionary basics. We have seen a Hash table view of Python Dictionary in the last video.

How Python Dictionary is similar to Hash Table ?
In a hash table we have different key value pairs , in a similar way we have key value pairs in Python Dictionary.
Python Dictionary is important data type which is collection of key value pairs.We will go through the syntax for Python Dictionary. How we can add more key value pairs.
In a Python Dictionary keys has to be unique.

we will also see how we can run loop over the python dictionary keys. how we can run loop over python dictionary values and finally loop over the python dictionary items.

We will implement loops over dictionary in python 3 using Jupyter notebook ( A editor for Python )

How we can initialize a empty Python Dictionary or python dict ? In Python, a python dict keyword can used to make and empty dictionary.
What will happen when we don’t have key in Python Dictionary. What if we want to remove a key value pair from the Python Dictionary. How we can modify the existing value for a key in Python Dictionary. Here we will see some example in Jupyter notebook.

Here in Python Tutorial for Beginners: Python Dictionaries we will talk about python dictionary key value with python dictionary examples.

By the end of this video Python Tutorial for Beginners: Python Dictionary you will have the good knowledge about loop over python dictionary keys, dictionary values , dictionary items and how we can implement python dictionary in jupyter notebook.

At the end of the video there will be python dictionary challenge for you.

Next video of this python dictionary tutorial will come soon.
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