Home Eye Spa Tutorial

Check out some of these wonderful favorites of Dr. Brisco’s. These products help alleviate red eyes, puffiness, dry eyes and more in a natural and holistic way! Also see what Dr. Brisco personally uses to keep the skin around her eyes looking young and healthy.

Let’s start with a this heated eye mask with infrared that can help relieve dry and congested eye lids. The warmth softens clogged tear making glands along the lids while the infrared increases circulation which promotes healing. The USB cord of this heat mask for eyes is equipped with a control button which allows you to adjust the heating power within 3 modes. This USB eye mask also employed the 3D contoured design which allows it to adapt your face comfortably.

Heated Eye Mask – USB Dry Eye Mask, Electric Heating Eye Mask, Far-Infrared Therapy, Adjustable Temperature, Sleeping Heated Eye Mask, Sleep Mask to Relieve Dry Puffy Eyes
The next product is the Zocular ZocuFill Anti-aging Wrinkle Filling Elixir for Fine Lines, Face Wrinkles, Crows Feet for Crepey Skin15 ml serum this serum fills in fine lines, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, and helps reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. It contains patent-pending Zokrex with activated okra complex that produces amazing results with just one application per day. It slows down the breakdown of tissue, and is great to use in conjunction with a collagen building cream. Try it out today!
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