[Eng 51] How to sustain exercising? Intro for 16 min YouTube tutorial on ideal intensity for fitness

Introductory 1 min Instagram format video from MDN.TELEVISION Instagram channel, a “teaser” for 16 min detailed video titled “[Eng 50] How to sustain exercising? Ideal intensity for fitness program & regular performance.”

In the 16 min version you will learn about:

– What is the ideal intensity for doing exercise?
– How to avoid over-doing and under-doing when exercising?
– How to make exercise easy and continuous, although with a “smart break”?

Multi-Dimensional Navigation [MDN] method founder Murat Daoudov’s 51st video in English of a series of lecturers on learning and mastering any subject or skill you need. This is 3rd video of 16 min format series.

To know more about MDN method:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/multi-dimensional-navigation-mdn/?viewAsMember=true
Twitter: @MDNTV1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mdn.television

Murat Daoudov / مراد داودوف / Мурат Даудов
Founder of Multi-Dimensional Navigation [MDN] method ([email protected])

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