Salteris MLM Back-Office Software Commission Tutorial | Company Controls and Edits the Comp Plan

Now you can edit your Comp Plan without the cost and delay of relying on a third-party software company to write customer coding to make a simple change to your plan. is your Client-Centric Solution.
We are changing the way MLM companies engage with a back-office software solution. Contact us today!

Steve Vincent
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It would be cool if the Salteris story started when 4 friends decided to drop out of college and move into a house together, writing code 20 hours a day and living on Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Yeah, that would be cool.

Actually, Salteris WAS formed by 4 friends, but they are ALSO seasoned veterans of the Direct Sales industry – presidents, senior executives and master distributors of top-tier MLM companies. They’ve reviewed, evaluated and purchased several MLM software solutions – none meeting their expectations, In other words, it’s not their first rodeo.

“We came together to solve a problem.” The problem of software companies charging exorbitant fees and essentially holding companies hostage in order to access their own data. This is wrong. You should be in control.

Client-Centric Solutions. It defines who we work for, and what we build.

Steve Vincent is a results-oriented marketing and sales executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in developing and implementing strategic marketing/sales plans across a variety of industries. Focused on establishing successful, measurable business strategies, and driving profitability, which brings high customer satisfaction and retention. This is accomplished through strong collaborative leadership, data-centric decisions, paying attention to detail, accountability, trust, loyalty and a high-energy, positive attitude.

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