How To Shade With Pencil For Beginners/TUTORIAL/mark making

Watch this relaxing drawing tutorial where you will be able to watch me shade with pencil using different mark making techniques. I will also be explaining about each style and give you helpful tips along the way. It may help you to choose the style you’d like to work in but personally I would suggest that you try them all and see for yourself 🙂 if you need more info on choosing or using graphite materials watch this video
I also have more tutorials with cool hacks and tips as well as drawing exercise videos for you to try on my Patreon page

Here are the time stamps for different mark making techniques
0:32 pencil pressure
1:46 cross-hatching
10:24 hatching
18:16 back & forth, unstructured rendering
21:48 smudging, photorealism
31:05 stippling & scribbling

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