functions in c++ | cpp programming video tutorial

This video explains the importance of function in any language, especially in c++ language. In this

video we will go from introduction to the implementation of user defined function.
A function play a vital role in modular programming, With the help of functions we can divide the

entire logic of our program into multiple units that can be developed and managed easily. These small

units of code are called function. A function is named block of code that has three parts.
1. Identifier/Function name
2. Parameters/Arguments/Inputs
3. Return/Output
A function can be call when and where required in the entire code. And function is always call by its

name that is assigned during the declaration of this function.
Function has three parts which are as:
1. Function declaration/function prototype/function signature
2. Function definition (which contains function header and function body)
3. Function Call/ Function execution

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