Emporia VUE Power Monitor Install with Review of Home Energy Monitor

https://amzn.to/35PU5Vr – Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor with Expansion
https://amzn.to/33KKZat – Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor Base Model
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Today I install my Emporia VUE home energy monitor and power meter in my home to lower my power bill. We put a lot of time into this video and we hope that you enjoy it. We are a new channel so please like and subscribe

This is a low cost power monitor (around $100 on Amazon.com at the time of this unboxing and $50 for the base model. Which is a steal). We previously posted an unboxing and first look video. Here is a link.


I really like this unit so far and I am happy to say it saved me more than the cost of the unit in one month of awareness. I highly recommend this to anyone. It will open your eyes to your power usage. It’s a common-sense buy for anyone, whether you’re environmentally conscious, want to save money or both. Seeing your power usage and the costs of turning on or off your electrical devices in real-time is invaluable and super convenient. Kudos to Emporia for bringing a top-notch cost-effective product to market.

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