The Biggest Feuds To Ever Hit YouTube

Life in the public eye can be difficult, and no one knows that better than YouTube’s biggest stars. When things go wrong, relationships break up, or friendships break down, there’s seemingly only one place for the beef to play out, on the internet. Here are the biggest feuds to rock YouTube.

Makeup artist and YouTuber Tati Westbrook appeared to sever ties with her former friend and protégé, James Charles, in her “Bye Sister” video in May 2019. While their feud began weeks earlier when Charles promoted the SugarBearHair gummy vitamin brand on Instagram, in direct rivalry with Westbrook’s own Halo Beauty line, Westbrook made several allegations about Charles’ behavior, including claims that he’d quote, “tried to trick a straight man into thinking he’s gay.”

As a result, Charles lost nearly three million YouTube subscribers, dropping from more than 16.5 million to about 13.8 million. After deleting his initial apology video, Charles rebutted Westbrook’s allegations in a clip called “No More Lies.” As of mid 2019, his YouTube subscriber count is back up to well over 15.7 million, suggesting that he gained most of his fans back after their feud simmered down.

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James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook | 0:17
Jake Paul vs. Alissa Violet | 1:11
Jeffree Star vs. Kat Von D | 2:10
Matthew Santoro vs. Nicole Arbour | 3:26
James Charles vs. Marlena Stell | 4:32

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