Parallax Zoom / Vertigo Photo Effect in PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 Tutorial

Parallax / Vertigo Zoom Effect in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 Tutorial has been created using 3 different techniques.

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About the Parallax / Vertigo Zoom Photo Effect
In Presentation 1, we are Growing the size of Boy Foreground Picture to 200% and Shrinking the Hills Background size to 75%. Meanwhile, Hill Background Photo is fading out and Hill Background Blue Photo is Fading In.

On the 2nd Slide of the 1st Presentation, we again growing/shrinking the size of all the 3 images but within 0.01 Seconds Duration because on the 2nd slide we want the Boy Background picture to be 200% and Hills Background Blur to be 75% in size at the beginning of the 2nd slide. We also changed the position of the Hills picture where blurred is on top. This technique creates a glitch when the slideshow advances to the next slide.

To remove this glitch, in the second presentation we used another technique. On the 2nd Slide of 2nd Presentation, we increased the size of images by calculating them in inches instead of growth in %. So, when the slideshow advances to the 2nd slide; all the images remain in their respective grown or shrink the size.

In the 3rd Presentation, we are using the Morph Transition and with Morph you can create the Parallax or Vertigo Effect on images in just a few minutes. We also used Action Buttons in the presentation.

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