Shopify Store Review – The ALMOST Perfect Store – 9/10 | HONEST Review of a Dropshipping Store

In this video I’m reviewing Shopify Dropshipping stores that were sent to me by my subscribers.

Having a solid looking website plays a huge role in your success rate, either allowing your business to grow or fall apart. I try my best to point out critical factors that could potentially help you guys increase sales numbers and have a high conversion rate which transforms into having a higher profit margin at the end of the day.

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When your customers visit your website, around 90% stay on the product page and analyse if they will be purchasing your items that you advertising. A very small amount will go on the home page or be checking out your whole website in general.

Remember to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, make your website appealing so you can buy

Nothing Crazy, just try to create something simple but elegant. And make sue your Dropshipping store looks perfect on mobile feed

I rate every store based on three things – Your Shopify Store Design , Product page + Description + Facebook ads / Ad Creative

I hope this video helped you guys out and you guys can start generating money online using WIFI

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Hope this video helped you guys to start making money online

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