Binding Local JSON and Remote Data to the React Data Grid

Wondering how to bind external data to the React Data Grid? On this episode of React Data Grid, you will see how to bind the React Data Grid with local JSON and remote data using the Data Manager and AJAX libraries.

The easiest way to populate the React Data Grid is by binding a simple JSON object collection. However, you can bind a remote URL service to the React Data Grid by using the DataManager, AJAX, fetch API or any HTTP clients like Axios, which will fetch the data from the remote server and populate the Data Grid.

Apart from these data binding options, you will also see the following topics:
– How to create a custom adaptor and add a new column with auto generated values.
– How to perform all grid operations in the client side using offline mode.
– How to send additional query parameters to the server.

To learn how to get started with the React Data Grid, watch my previous video:

To learn more about remote data binding, visit the following documentation:

GitHub Sample Link:

[00:26] – Bind local JSON to the React Data Grid
[01:14] – Bind an external data source to the React Data Grid
[02:56] – Custom Adaptor
[04:18] – Enabling Offline Mode
[04:36] – Sending Query parameters to the server
[05:06] – How to bind external data using AJAX, fetch and Axios

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