Teaching Anno 1800 to an AI – A scripted Tutorial Story – Workers and a New Island

Hey there, this is Patteyayo and with all the deep learning and AI progress out there I wondered if it would be possible to teach an AI how to play Anno 1800.
Obviously THIS IS NOT a video where I show off a programmed AI because I don’t have the necessary skill for that. This video is more of a creative representation of how I imagine this kind of experiment might look like in the distant future. First and foremost I hope it will be entertaining to follow this scenario of an imaginary AI learning how to play Anno 1800 but new players might also learn from it because it is like a scripted story version of a tutorial since I am teaching Anno to the artificial intelligence.

I hope you enjoy this fan fiction, but never the less I had alot of fun making it, so it was already worth it .)

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