Get Photoshoot Ready: Reach Your Peak Fitness Tutorial

If you noticed those three little letters after my name (P-h-D), it should come as no surprise to you that I think science is cool. After all, I’m a scientist.

But I don’t mean cool in a “geek is cool” kind of way. I mean it in a hardcore, badass, bodybuilding way. Bodybuilding is science. How do muscles grow? Science. How do I get stronger? Science. How do I strip body fat? Science. Science allows me to maintain a bodyweight of 220 pounds and a body-fat level of 5% year-round without the use of drugs. And when I need to drop my body fat to under 5% and squeeze out every ounce of muscle-blurring water from under my skin to get that ultra-ripped look, I rely on science.

Now it’s your turn.

Maybe you’re getting ready for a bodybuilding or fitness competition. Maybe you have a photoshoot to get ready for. Or maybe you’re going on a beach vacation and want to look ripped when you shed your clothes. Whatever the reason, my seven scientific steps will help you reach your physical peak for what we’ll refer to as “peak day.”

Follow These Seven Steps – in This Specific Order – Based on When You Want to Hit Your Peak




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