Turtle in Python।Bangla Tutorial। আজব টার্টল। Python tutorial for beginners। part – 2

Turtle in python । Bangla Tutorial । আজব টার্টল। Python Tutorial for beginners part-2
we learn about the basic of turtle in python tutorial.

Instructor : Mainul Islam Faruqi

What programming language should you learn?

Programming Languages are used in that sector. Are given below:

1. Web Development — JavaScript / Python ,PHP
2.App Development – Java
3.Game Development — c++,c#
4. Machine Learning — Python, R
5.Artificial Intelligence — Python, R
6.Data Science — Python, R
7.Data Analysis — Python, R
6.Data visualization — Python, R

I recommend all of you to learn Python .
Because Python is one of the paid languages, one of the easiest languages, one of the paid languages.

Python is amazing language. It is cool . I love Python so much.


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