This Technique will improve your Sketching and Shading- Part- 2 | Tutorial for Beginners

New Shading and Sketching Tricks and Techniques

Hello Everyone , Hope you are doing great with sketchbook and pencil.

i am introducing series of new technique and tricks to improve Sketching ans Shading skills.
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How to draw 3D Full Episode:

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Materials Used:
Tribecca Graphic Pencils:
Artist’s Detachable Drawing Block:
Tombow Mono Zero Eraser:

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Staedtler Luna Colored Pencils:
Tribecca Graphic Pencils:
Apsara Glass Marking Pencil:
Staedtler Graphite 0.5 Mechanical Pencil:
Black Charcoal Pencil:
Faber-Castell Graded Drawing Pencil:

Drawing Books:

Artist’s Detachable Drawing Block:
Brustro Artists Sketch:

Mixing and smudge tools:

Mont Marte Paper Stump:
Tissue Premium Paper:
Cotton Budds:

Paper Tape:


Tombow Mono Zero Eraser:
kneaded Eraser:
Electric Eraser:

Highlight tools:

Uni Ball White Gel Pen:
Charcoal Pencil:
Paper Tape:

Shooting Tools and Equipments:

Mobile Holder:

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