CSS TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS – CSS BACKGROUNDS – 4 #cssbackgrounds #cssbackgroundimageproperty

This CSS tutorial is for beginners and here I will teach you how to make css backgrounds and then manipulate the backgrounds. I will teach you how to create css backgrounds with different colors or different images. I will also teach you how to manipulate these colors and images . The background properties such as position, color, attachment etc are all important properties worth learning while learning about css backgrounds. You will learn how to fix and change the colors of different html elements such as headers, paragraphs and the body background as well.
For a deeper look at the code syntaxes that I explained in the tutorial, please check the following link: https://codepen.io/meeramenon07/pen/gOOOyxZ
If you have any more questions or doubts about this tutorial, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below this video and most important of all, please do remember to comment and like this video to be ensured of getting access to more such free tutorials right into your inbox.
This is the fourth of the series for my css tutorial for beginners and I will keep produce more lessons well until the advanced level. If you wish to learn some other lesson on css, please drop a comment below and I will be glad to make a tutorial on the same. Any suggestions ?
For getting access to free images to include in your css backgrounds, you may google search for free small images or you may also search for them at pexels free image search. Once you find a picture of your choice, just open the picture, no need to download it, just right click on it and select ‘copy image address’. If you encounter any difficulties in this process, please feel free to drop me a comment and I will be only too glad to help you with more help and advice for the same.

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