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Today I’m gonna show you why you should be using the Seal Row in your training and how you can make your own seal row bench in a commercial or garage gym.

I’m a training minimalist, primarily I focus on 6 movements that I collectively call the Super Saiyan 6

Within those 6 includes the barbell row, an excellent exercise worthy of being in any training program

My favourite variant of this row is named the seal row, It’s a really fun movement that I don’t see too often and it functions as a direct antagonist to the bench press

Though the main reason I love it is because it stops cheating on the reps, with the regular barbell row you can gain a lot of momentum to help you pull the bar. This makes it hard to track strength gains, did you get stronger or just cheat the reps more?

It also helps take the lower back out of the movement, allowing for better recovery for squats and deadlifts

You can get seal row benches, but they’re hard to come by. They take up a lot of space, are single purpose, and can cost a lot of money, which makes it an unattractive feature for the modern commercial gym. Especially since most gyms already have a machine for the similar but inferior chest supported row

Regardless, there are a couple of ways to set up this exercise in a commercial gym. The first is to securely prop a bench on top of plyo boxes, this works for benches that don’t have supporting bars on the inside. This also works for a home gym, though I personally use milk crates to raise the bench (lets face it though, plyo boxes are safer).

For benches that do have supporting bars on the inside, such as incline benches, you can either do them on a straight incline or raise one side of an inclined bench with plyo boxes or 20kg plates

This might seem like a bit of extra hassle but for me the benefits are worth it. I feel more recovered for squats and deadlifts along with feeling less back pain. I also feel confident in the strength gains from this which I didn’t with the traditional barbell row.

I fell in love with the seal row from the moment I first used it, and I’m sure you will too. Have a nice day guys, and as always #BEMORESHONEN

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