Upload files with Vue

In this tutorial, we will use CodeMix and Eclipse to create a Vue app that will allow us to upload files to Firebase, and get them ready to be used or shared from your own Firebase cloud storage.

There is also a written, more detailed article on our Blog, so be sure to take a look: https://www.genuitec.com/yox/upload-files-using-vue-and-firebase/

Included in this tutorial:
00:15 Creating a Firebase Web App Project
01:41 Creating a Vue Project with CodeMix
01:55 Using NPM commands to prepare for Vue and Firebase development
02:34 Basic Vue scaffolding and methods creation
04:14 Launching the Vue application and seeing it in action with Live Preview

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We hope this video has helped give you an introduction to both Firebase and Vue. If you have any questions or suggestions about CodeMix, please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact us on our forums, Twitter, or even live chat from within CodeMix. Thanks for watching, and happy coding!

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