News, Issues, Q&A; Contrib Half Hour, 2019-10-10

Damien says: happy birthday dad!

Project maintainership and processes were still on our minds this week. We looked at a new post from the Drupal Association on the issue credits system and their plans for a revised formula:

DrupalCon (not Camp, Damien) Amsterdam 2019 is at the end of the month:

Another event coming up soon is New England Drupal Camp, aka NED Camp, which will be in Providence, RI on November 22nd and 23rd:

We got into a discussion around issue commits, and how to tell whether a patch is too small.

We finished the meeting with a discussion on how to approach a potential rearchitecture of an existing module to leverage existing APIs in core:

The Mediacurrent Contrib Half-Hour is a weekly meeting from Mediacurrent to support the Drupal community. Each week we discuss a topic related to working within the Drupal community and the tools available to us.

Full schedule is posted on our project page:

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