How to Draw an Adorable Baby | Realistic Sketching Tutorial

Follow along with me as I sketch this portrait of an adorable baby girl from beginning to end. Use this guideline and tips included in your own drawings, whether you’re interested in drawing a baby girl or boy. You can follow these same steps to get the best outcome possible. I went into detail with my shading to give the realistic affect that you see at the end of the video. Small detailed lines were important, but remember that when you are drawing a baby, the less lines the better, you don’t want to have a baby that looks old in age. I was inspired to draw this by eyeballing a real photo that was taken during a birthday party years ago. Because of this I embellished a few details (eyes, hair, etc..) and therefore the drawing is not meant to be an exact replica of the original photo.

Thank you for watching, Be creative and draw.

Post Author: hatefull