DELANCLiP Head Tracking Hardware – Unboxing + Setup Tutorial + Review

Tortuga reviews the DELANCLiP hardware for head tracking in simulation games (like IL-2 and Arma 3). I also go through a tutorial of popular software options (opentrack, facetracknoir) to utilize the head tracking hardware.

DELANCLiP website:

Time stamps:
1:24 – Unboxing
02:32 – Hardware Setup
04:01 – Software Setup
14:06 – IL-2 w/opentrack + concluding thoughts

DELANCLiP’s claims:

– High Quality: DELANCLiP is built with top quality materials and we guarantee the best durability on the market!
– Worldwide Shipping
– Easy to Start: Thanks to our detailed manual you’ll be ready to go in no time.
– Affordable Pricing
– Compatible with Any Software: DELANCLiP can be used with TrackIR (any version) – Camera and Software – it is a brilliant replacement of the “Track Clip Pro”, also compatible with OpenTrack, Facetracknoir and Free-Track.
– Satisfaction Guaranteed: Buy it, try it, returns are accepted ! If you like it, keep it, we’ll give you 2 years warranty and lifetime support!

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